Arcobaleno Strings -   Music for Special Occasions

We can be arranged in a variety of ways to fit your occasion, venue and budget.  Song lists for each group are available to preview choices.

"Arcobaleno Strings...was simply sophisticated, elegant." 
Elodie & Neil

Violin - Fike PhotographyTraditional Quartet (2 violins, viola & cello): There is something extra special about having a traditional quartet.  The sound is very full and you know you’ve made the most classic choice.  Our quartet is specialized in classical along with a diverse and entertaining collection of non-classical for your cocktail hour, reception or other event.  (If you are looking for pop/rock music, this is the group to choose.)
Genres:  Classical, Contemporary, Classic Rock, Jazz Standards, Love Songs, Movie & TV Theme Songs, Waltzes, Ragtime, Tangos, Old-Time Pop, Irish Tunes, Christian and Christmas & Holiday Music
Photo by Fike Fotography

Cello Quartet (4 cellos):  By far the most unique choice!  No one will quickly forget having seen and heard the sound of four gorgeous cellos.  This is the “way-too-cool” option.  
Genres: Strictly light classical

String Trio (2 violins & cello):  A great group with a variety of styles similar to quartet, but without pop/rock selections.
Genres:   Classical, Waltzes, Ragtime, Tangos, Fiddle Tunes, Old-Time Pop, Irish Tunes, Christian, Jewish, Opera Favorites, Jazz Standards, Christmas & Holiday Music 

Piano Trio (violin, cello and piano):  This is especially nice if you have a quality piano onsite.  The piano is such a great contrast to the singing quality of the violin with the cello adding extra rhythm, bass and harmony.  A very entertaining choice. 
Genres:  All the same music choices as our String Trio 

Cello/Piano Duo:  If you have a piano on-site, this is a fantastic duo option.  The cello offers an expressive voice for the melody while the piano offers a very full accompaniment.  We have a very large selection of classical repertoire as well as a wonderful collection of non-classical as well.  Just ask to see the list.
Genres: Classical, Jazz Standards, Contemporary, Oldies & Classic Rock, Beatles, Sacred/Spiritual/Jewish, Irish Dances, Christmas/Holiday

Cello/Guitar Duo:  This duo is specialized in Brazilian Bossa Nova music.  Bossa Nova was born in the late fifties on the beaches of Brazil with relaxing rhythms and warm melodies.  It's not meant to be danced to, but you'll find yourself swaying to it.  Perfect for cocktail receptions.  
Genres: Bossa Nova and other Brazilian rhythms.  


The sound samples on this player are just brief examples of our different ensembles and styles.   Most of the songs have been cut short and will be played out longer.  Not all songs can be played by every ensemble.  Song lists for each ensemble are available.  Remember that you get to choose the styles you like best!

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